Concord & 9th DT Call

Hey, everyone! Concord & 9th is having a design team call for their new monthly challenge! Its starting up next month and they’re still looking to fill a few spots on their team. I would love to be a part of the team but I don’t own and stamps or dies from C9… 😦 I know, probably the saddest thing you’ll ever hear. But, I would still love to be apart of the team so if C9 is reading this… I’m ready! I am loving the new release I just haven’t had time to put in an order! (or the money… #BrokeCollegeKid) But I think I would make a great addition and am super excited to play along if I don’t get chosen!!! Below are some photos of some of my favorite cards that I have created! Hope you take a look and consider me for part of the team!!!

As for everyone else- make sure to check out their new release and the upcoming challenge blog! And submit a card if you want to join the team! Good luck to the other hopefuls!

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