Hey guys! I have some super exciting news! I am back on YouTube!!! I have a couple videos up from a while ago but these new videos are going to be a lot different. The videos I will be doing are going to be all about fun! No instructions on what to do or how to do a technique. Jennifer and Kristina can show you much better than I can. So every video is going to feature myself and a special guest- this time its my girlfriend, Cheryl. We are going to randomly choose a stamp set, die set, and a card designer as inspiration. So no planning, sketching, or anything before hand. If you watch it please let me know what you think and any suggestions for the future videos! Thanks!



6 thoughts on “INTRODUCING…

  1. I love your video! Great idea to randomly chose stamp/die sets and I love that even though your SO is not into cards she still did this with you! That is so sweet! Mine would die before doing this! Can’t wait til your next video!


  2. You two are absolutely fabulous; a dynamic duo in every way! Fantastic premise for your videos which, based on this one, will be wonderfully inspiring! Looking forward to the next!


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